Best Choice--World’s Biggest-Battery Full-Screen Phone

Best Choice--Worlds Biggest-Battery Full-Screen Phone


With holiday season coming near, everyone is looking for gifts for holiday. Among all kinds of gifts, mobile phone is a very good choice and takes big part in all gift categories.


As more and more people are willing to buy mobile phones for their families, friends and lovers, we are also preparing several special models for the upcoming holiday season. The one and only vkworld S8 is the most eye-catching one, because it features an unbelievable 5500mAh huge battery.


Vkworld S8 is no doubt the world’s biggest- battery full-screen phone. If you search all the full-screen phones in the market, you won’t find any phone with a battery bigger than 5500mAh.


How big is 5500mAh? It’s simple. Let’s just compare vkworld S8 with some popular flagship phones.


Xiaomi Mix 2: 5.99 inch screen, 3400mAh battery;

Samsung Galaxy S8: 5.8 inch screen, 3000mAh battery;

Apple iPhone 8 Plus: 5.5 inch screen, 2675mAh battery;

Vkworld S8: 5.99 inch screen, 5500mAh battery.


Except for iPhone, the other 3 phones are all 18:9 full-screen phone, with smaller size than iPhone 8 Plus but bigger screen. As we can see from the chart, the battery capacity of vkworld S8 is more than 2 times of the capacity of iPhone 8 Plus. And it is 2000mAh more than other flagship phone in 2017.


Most importantly, this battery is made by Samsung. It is a high-density battery with much better quality and performance.


We always complain that nowadays smartphones have very poor battery life. Most smartphones can’t even make it for 4 hours. And everytime we are going out for shopping or trip, we always have to carry a heavy clumsy power bank.


According to many famous investigation companies, among all the unbearable things about smartphones, battery life is always on the top 3 list.


No matter you are using iPhone or Samsung or even luxury phones with gold and diamond, you all need to suffer the pain of short battery life. It is universally acknowledged that everyone wants a phone with long battery life.


And this time vkworld S8 is the one everyone wants. It solves all your problems about battery life. In today’s industry, battery technology is stuck in somewhere. And only large capacity is the ultimate guarantee to long battery life.


What can we do with 5500mAh capacity?


  1. at least 2-week standby;
  2. 48 hours of light use;
  3. 30 hours of calling;
  4. 20 hours of web-browsing;
  5. Days of listening to music;
  6. 12 hours of video;
  7. 8 hours of game playing...


All in all, with this super large battery, you don’t have to worry about battery life when going out. And you can watch movies all day long on a train. You can play games from morning till afternoon.


However, many people would concern that such a big battery would take a very long time to charge. It is true that larger capacity needs longer charging time.


But vkworld S8 wants to be a perfect phone. So fast charge is absolutely necessary.


The fast charge standard of vkworld S8 is 9V/2A. For a 5500mAh huge battery, it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. Put the phone charged for 5 minutes, then you can make phone call for several hours.


Besides this amazing battery, vkworld S8 also has high-end specs. The 5.99 inch full screen is another main point:


  1. 5.99’’ LG display;
  2. In-cell technology, same as iPhone 8;
  3. 2160*1080 FHD+ resolution;
  4. 178 degree wide viewing angle;
  5. 1.3mm thin bezel on left and right;
  6. 3mm top bezel with: earpiece, light sensor, proximity sensor;
  7. 91% screen-to-body ratio;
  8. Many many more......




  1. 4G RAM+64G ROM;
  2. Sony 16MP+5MP dual camera;
  3. 13MP front camera;
  4. Ultra-fast fingerprint scanner;
  5. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on front and back;
  6. AAC high-quality speaker;
  7. ........

Vkworld S8 is going to be a phone close to perfect. It can meet all the needs of customers: long battery life, full screen, good looking, dual camera, large memory...


It will definitely be the best selling phone in holiday season.



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