World's Most Affordable Full-Screen Phone Will Amaze You

    As the hit of full-screen phones is going like crazy worldwide, it would be a pity if we don't get into this wild party. However, almost all full-screen phones are extremely expensive. And customers don't have that many choices. So what we really want to do is to build a full-screen phone that everybody can enjoy. But we still maintain high quality and performance. That's why vkworld Mix Plus is made.

Mix Plus is going to be the world's most affordable full-screen phone ever. It would strike a perfect balance between price and performance. The 5.5 inch on-cell display is going to be the biggest "wow" factor. This is a screen that integrates with many latest technologies. And with the bezel-less design, the screen will be out of your imagination.

Vivid colors;

High contrast and brightness;

True-to-life representation;

Wide viewing angle;

...and manymany more.

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