vkworld Z3310 VS Nokia 3310

They are almost identical in appearance. Vkworld use the same materials to build the phone. But it even does better in some areas.

The battery of Z3310 is 1450mAh, bigger than the 1200mAh battery on Nokia 3310.


And vkworld Z3310 supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequency, while Nokia 3310 only supports GSM 900/1800MHz frequency.


And vkworld Z3310 also comes with a LED torch light on the top and more RAM space.


Both phones feature 2MP camera and 2.4inch display.


The biggest point of vkworld Z3310 is the Class K Amplifier, which is the biggest mobile phone speaker ever. It can provide amazing audio performance.


Vkworld Z3310 is only $19.99, while Nokia 3310 is $52.


And the 3D water-drop screen is exactly the same as Nokia 3310. But vkworld makes it harder than you think. It is tough enough to break walnuts without any issue.

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