Best Signal Phone Ever? Water-Proof, Dust-Proof?

It is so annoying when your phone doesn't have any signal reception in some places. Sometimes during emergency, making a phone call is crucial, for instance, when someone is trapped in an unknown forest alone and has no one to turn to. 

To solve problem like this, vkworld worked hard to redesign the antenna of mobile phone. After days of research, vkworld finally equipped the upcoming model with larger antenna. The model is named Stone V3 Plus, a new-comer of the Stone Series. Its antenna is 50% bigger than normal mobile phone antenna. Therefore, Stone V3 Plus will have better signal reception than others. 

Also, Stone V3 Plus is IP54 dust-resistant and water-resistant, which means that the phone can stand against dust, sand, dirt and water splash. Moreover, the brand-new exterior material--nanometer polycarbonate can make the phone much rugged and avoid possible seams and cracks.

Stone V3 Plus will arrive soon with a very reasonable price. 

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