T1 Plus Kratos Features the Same 7000 Series Aluminum as iPhone 6s


The vkworld T1 Plus Kratos is going to be released. One of the most interesting things is that T1 Plus Kratos is made of the same material like iPhone 6s--7000 Series Aluminum.

Advantages of 7000 Series Aluminum:

  • Much harder than 6000 Series Aluminum;
  • Better anti-corrosion;
  • Better scratch resistance;                                      

T1 Plus Kratos features exquisite aluminum unibody design: 

This is the combination of the finest craftsmanship and the most artistic design. Built with aerospace aluminum, the same 7000 Series Aluminum Alloy as iPhone 6s, processed with abrasive blasting, the whole piece of aluminum back cover feels incredibly solid and premium. And thanks to diamond cut and double chamfered edge, T1 is glowing with taste and quality. The ergonomic curve the the back is carefully trimmed through more than 30 procedures to finally reach the high standard of comfort and compact.