Language Packs for New Stone V3S

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This tool is dedicated to all vkworld feature phones.(except for Stone V3 Plus)

These language packs are for the new version of Stone V3S. Please look at the battery contact, if it is the same as the picture above, you can flash these language packs.

1. Language Pack 1: English, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Slovenian

2. Language Pack 2: English, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino

3. Language Pack 3: English, Arabic, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish

4. Language Pack 4: English, Vienamese, Danish, Ukrainian, Thai

5. Language Pack 5: English, French, Russian, Italian, German

6. Language Pack 6: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

7. Language Pack 7: English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian

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